There is no wrong answer here, we have working families and stay homes but it does give us some info for matching
Do you know about us and our care. If not bring some questions with you
Puppies should never be chosen but sex or color as the most import aspect. Obviously you want a pup that appeals to you, and some homes want a boy or a girl due to other dogs in the house, or it is what they have always had. We help you choose your puppy, we may tell you that little fluff ball that is so adorable and "spoke to you" is not for you. The puppy that rushes up to is not doing that because of a connection or bond, that is the job of that puppy He is the pack exlorer generally confident, alpha, and fearless. Depending on other traits he could be a handful. We know our pups, their litters, where they were in the pack and pretty much what they will be like. We do temperment testing on all pups at 7 weeks and we talk together to find a match. We never tell you what puppy you have to take, but may tell you what puppy we won't send home with. In which case you can fall in love with a good match or wait for another litter. Most people are so glad we do this, and we always get comments on how a family got the perfect pet. The one time early on in breeding I let a very aggressive man bully me into only wanting a particular red puppy. She was quite alpha, he didn't listen he liked her colour and look. She came back in two weeks.
In this section fill in what training is important to you, do you require a well behaved dog or are you laid back and if Fluffy jumps on the kitchen table you don't really mind. Again no right answer here. If you do require a level of training in your dog tell me a bit about that. Have you done training before, do you realize that how your dog is trained is all about YOU and the effort you put in. What expectations do you have of your new puppy. If you want a well trained dog please read my section on training.
Are you an active family, kids, dogs, adults visit a lot etc.