Mylad Havanese


Mylad Havanese

We seldom have puppies available and ready to go home as we generally have a large waiting list. However we have 3 available due to postponement from one owner and I also kept 4 puppies on hold for show potential so I am just now releasing 2

Tulip’s 7 1/2 week old puppies pics and video is up.  Temperment testing is happening tomorrow.  All pics and videos are on the puppy available page. 

Mylad Havanese

Welcome to our site for all things Havanese.  I’m happy to say our old site has been replaced with new technology and is now much more functional and up to date.  Please take some time to browse our site, it has lots of information on training, bringing a puppy home, and also how Doug and I (Lauren) started in Havanese.  I’m still updating sections, but hope to make this a site where there is a wealth of information, a forum to ask questions, and of course let you know when we have puppies available.

Doug, Lauren and our daughter Mykensie have been owned by this wonderful breed for almost 20 years, and started showing and breeding Havanese 18 years ago.  Lauren is the president of the National Club for Havanese, and has also held board titles and chaired the health committee for many years.  The protection of this adorable breed, for health, temperament and for breeding to standard is the prime motivation of Mylad Havanese.  We also offer an excellent health guarantee and support our owners thoroughly.  We love our dogs but we also like our owners a lot.

Any questions at all please feel free to email us at or call us directly at 250 577 3331.

You can also check out our facebook page at:  mylad havanese 

Note:  we do not take requests for puppies on our facebook page.  The placement of our puppies requires an application and an opportunity for you as the owner, and us as the breeders to get to know one another.


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