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Mylad Havanese

Welcome to our pet-friendly website for all things Havanese. 

We’re always adding and updating sections so that it can be a valuable source of information for Havanese owners and would-be owners.

Doug, Lauren and our daughter Mykensie have been in love with this wonderful breed for over 20 years. We started showing and breeding Havanese 19 years ago.  Lauren is the President of the National Club for Havanese, and also held board titles and chaired the health committee for many years. 

The protection of this adorable breed, for health, temperament and for breeding to standard is our prime motivation at Mylad Havanese.  We offer an excellent health guarantee and support our owners thoroughly.  We love our dogs, but we also like our dog’s owners.

The Havanese Fanciers of Canada National and Regional Havanese Specialty

The National Club for the protection and support of this wonderful breed is the Havanese Fanciers of Canada (HFC)

The HFC annually sponsors a national and regional Havanese Specialty.

This gathering is always in need of donations for prizes, ribbons, meet and greet, judges’ expenses etc.  If you would care to make a donation here: Specialty Sponsorship


Any questions contact Lauren Goebel, president of HFC at makklg@yahoo.com

Note:  we do not take requests for puppies on our Facebook page. 
The placement of our puppies requires an application and an opportunity for you as the owner, and us as the breeders to get to know one another.