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About Mylad Havanese


At Mylad Havanese, we have a commitment to breed the healthiest, happiest and most affectionate Havanese that we can.  As a member, and President of the National Breed Club, Havanese Fanciers of Canada I take this commitment very seriously.  We always breed for health and temperament first.  We do extensive health testing on all our puppies and of course our parents.  We back our dogs with an outstanding health guarantee, and we breed some pretty adorable puppies.  We love our puppies, but we really like our owners too, so we take our time to find the right fit of puppy and owner and screen our owners carefully.  We also win in the show ring a lot, and have some remarkable show wins with our dogs so all our Havanese puppies actually do look like a Havanese and are bred to the standard we love.

Breeding Philosophy:

It’s really simple:

  • You are responsible for what you own and what you breed – FOREVER!!
  • Breed only healthy dogs
  • Health Test everyone and everything
  • Provide the best care for your adults and puppies
  • Breed to the Havanese Standards
  • Place puppies with pre-screen fantastic forever homes

Havanese in general are the best companion dogs I have ever owned.  Mylad Havanese is dedicated to the  breeding of quality, healthy beautiful Havanese puppies.  We carefully screen and pick our Havanese Champion Parents and breed our Havanese Puppies for the show ring and for great pets and companions.  We have Havanese Puppies placed all over Canada and the US, but are located in the Okanagan, British Columbia between Kamloops and Vernon.  We do extensive Health Testing and offer an outstanding Health Guarantee on all our Havanese Puppies.  We are currently taking reservations on Havanese Puppies for this fall.  We also owned The 2008 Havanese Westminster Breed Winner, the top 2008 All Breed Havanese in the US, The Havanese Canadian Specialty Winner, and held the record of Group Placement at Westminster for eight years. Our dogs have gone on to be in the top 5 dogs in Canada, Best In Show, Best In Speciality, Group Winners and many Champions. We are proud of what we do and the dogs we product.

Our History in the Breed: If you are interested in how we began our journey into the breed click to read all about our family and our dogs.