The Naming of this Litter

As Tulip’s litter was born the day before Remeberance day, they are named after veterans. As acknowledgement of Indigenous reconcilliation, and how much work we still need to do, these pups are named after Indigenous Veterans.  Here is a video of them playing (January 1st, 2023)



Our Tommy – adorable black and white boy.  Lovely coat and very calm personality 

Charles (Checker) Tomkins

While Indigenous soldiers again served as snipers and scouts, as they had during the First World War, they also took on interesting new roles during this conflict. One unique example was being a “code talker.” Men like Charles “Checker” Tomkins of Alberta translated sensitive radio messages into Cree so they could not be understood if they were intercepted by the enemy.

Our Checker is a black and white boy with a lively typical havanese personality.  Very sweet

Willard Bolduc

Indigenous service members would receive numerous decorations for bravery during the war. Willard Bolduc, an Ojibwa airman from Ontario, earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for his brave actions as an air gunner during bombing raids over occupied Europe. Huron Brant, a Mohawk from Ontario, earned the Military Medal for his courage while fighting in Sicily

Our Willie is an adorable, cuddly and happy cream boy with champagne ears.

Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture

Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture was the first Indigenous woman to become a registered nurse in Canada, and the first Indigenous woman to gain the right to vote in a Canadian federal election. She was also the first Indigenous woman from Canada to serve in the United States military. She had to study in the US because most Canadian nursing programs excluded Indigenous women, and the Indian Act meant she would lose her Indian status if she attended post-secondary school.

Our Charlotte is a lovely little chocolate parti girl.  She is playful and loving with nice dark pigment.  The two chocolate girls (Charlotte and Virginia, “Giny” shown below, are almost twins.  One I will be keeping for show. 

Virginia Pechawis

Virginia is now 90, and it was 1944 when a young, vibrant and energetic Virginia Pechawis decided to leave her reserve and join the army.

A member of the Mistawasis First Nation, Pechawis is the oldest living female First Nations veteran in Saskatchewan.

With Canada in the midst of the Second World War, the then-18-year-old made the trek to Prince Albert, Sask., some 80 kilometres away from her First Nation, to a Canadian Army office.


Our Virginia, who we call Ginny is Charlotte’s twin, identical with the exception of a slight size difference.  Both girls are lovely, nice coats and great temperments. 


Edith Anderson

Edith Anderson Monture, a nurse who served overseas at an American hospital base.

The youngest of eight children, Edith Anderson was born in 1890 on the Six Nations Grand River Reserve. As a young woman, she was determined to become a nurse, but found few opportunities to train in Canada. She therefore studied at the New Rochelle School of Nursing in New York State and, after becoming a registered nurse in 1914, worked at an American elementary school.

In 1917, 27-year-old Anderson and 19 other nurses, 14 of whom were also Canadian, joined the U.S. Medical Corps. Within months, they were in Vittel, France, at Buffalo Base Hospital 23, formerly a resort hotel. Miss Anderson spent most of her time at the hospital, treating soldiers who had been shot or gassed. Occasionally, she was sent to other medical centres to help, giving her an opportunity to see more of the country. She sometimes saw more than she cared to.

In 1983, at the age of 93, the Veteran nurse was interviewed by a reporter from her local newspaper, The Grand River Sachem. Bright and forthcoming, she shared the following memories:49

Our Edith, who we call Eddie, is an adorable black and white female.  Full of fun and life and has an amazing coat and a very typical havanese personality.    She is a sweetheart and does not let her brothers boss her around.  A feminist as was Edith Anderson

Growing up pictures and video’s.  Enjoy!