Chapter One The Love Affair Begins:

My husband, Doug and I have owned dogs forever.  We have had Bichon’s and Lhasha Apso’s for over 20 years.  When our last Lhasha died at 15 we took a break, but soon we missed having a dog around.  We got a Bichon again, a lovely puppy we called Max. 

My parents lost their Bichon and my mom had mentioned that she really liked this dog she saw called a Havanese.  I looked around for a breeder in BC and bought her Coco a lovely apricot Havanese.  My parents needed some help in training a puppy so Coco lived with us for 3 months until she was properly trained.  When they took Coco home it broke our hearts, and even my rough and tough hubby decided we had to have a Havanese of our own.  If you have never met a Havanese be prepared to fall head over heels.  They are the most affectionate, self confident, loving dogs I have every come across.  The breed is extremely well socialized, adaptable, and friendly to all.  They are great with children and honestly I can’t think of a thing I could criticize about the breed.

Doug and I have now been in the Havanese Breed for 18 years, and although our first dogs went over the rainbow bridge about two years ago they are very much in our hearts. 

Chapter Two – Cheena Comes Home:

Our first Havanese was a beautiful girl we called Cheena.    Cheena was breeders pick, but somehow we managed to convince the breeder that we were the perfect home for her show puppy.  Cheena hit the ring at 6 months of age and immediately started winning.  She was a big hit, and won Winners, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Group in her first event.  Cheena got me hooked on showing and breeding champions.   I found a great handler named Heather Cloran and she began Cheena’s show career.  Heather has become both my handler and my friend, her 20+ years of experience has been invaluable.  Heather knows everything about health, grooming, whelping, showing etc. etc. etc.  See Heather’s link on my friends page.  Cheena is a Canadian Champion and the mother of future Mylad Champions. 


Chapter Three – Coby was Next

AM/CAN CH BISS, MBISD. Multiple Group Winner, Best Puppy in Show, Best in Show, Westminster Winner, National Winner, Top Dog in Canada and US – Cohiba Esplendido

I was hooked on Havanese and I wanted another one.  I also wanted to start showing in the US, as well as Canada.  My Parents were wintering down in Florida with their Havanese and were thinking of getting another one. They went to a dog show in Florida, talked to breeders and heard of Yup’s Havanese, owned by Janet Birdsall. I did some research, talked to Janet, liked her dogs and her breeding philosophy and decided to bring home my second dog. Again through a bit of a fluke I managed to get breeders pick.   Coby has now broken several records. 

  • The first Havanese to ever win a group placement at Westminster
  • The first Havanese above #20 in the Toy Group placements
  • The highest ranked Group 1 winner of all Havanese in the US
  • Tied for the record of most BIS wins for US Havanese

Chapter Four- What A Gem

Coby was back in the US for some Florida showing and Yup’s had a puppy for me to look at. A beautiful gold and red sable girl. Janet wanted a good show home for her, and she was spectacular. Great coat, great personality … well she is a Havanese after all.

So after some begging to Doug I brought her home. Gem was so quiet and sweet at Janet’s and then I brought her home and she decided she would take over the house. This little 10 week old girl was determined to be Alpha girl. She even tried to boss Heather’s Aussie’s around. Gem’s nick name was devil dog, but she has now settled into a very sweet laid back young lady.  Gem’s favorite thing in the world though is to climb – chairs, tables, anything, she just loves to be up high.  Gem is a US and Canadian Champion and gave us gorgeous puppies this year.  I have kept one of her puppies for the show ring.  Mylad’s Ella Enchanted, who will be showing fall/winter of 08.

Gem’s show career began in Canada, and she put on 8 points on her first circuit, and then Mykensie finished her again for another Canadian Championship. One very professional judge came up to examine her on the table and broke into a big smile and said “well hello pumpkin”, she just has that face that you can’t resist. She had her first 3 shows in the US, when she was just 6 months old, big 5 point Havanese majors and she took reserve all three days.  I then sent her to her Breeder in Florida and she finished her championship in 5 shows with a group puppy win and 2 5 point major wins.  We are not going to let Coby know that she beat his record.  Mykensie then showed Gem in the junior ring, and we will think about bringing Gem into the specials ring when Coby is showing in the US.

Wins in the Ring


From there it continues, with some very memorable wins in the US and Canada.  Cuba won in New York, taking the Progressive Dog Show breed win at the Westminster Show.  Cuba also had multiple group and national wins.

Cuba is an outstanding Havanese Male.  He is not big but has a gorgeous head and just beautiful coat.  His assets are his head, coat, topline and movement.  Cuba is a great-grandson to Coby out crossed bred to Prairiwind.

Cuba is a Grand Champion, American and Canadian Champion, Winner of AOM at Eukan, Select Dog at Progressive, and finished in the top 10 in US 2011 after only showing for 6 months there.

Peter Pan

Peter is a gorgeous Havanese both in looks and temperament.  His assets are his head, fantastic head, his coat and his colour.  He has good correct structure and lovely movement.  His puppies have been adorable in structure and looks.

Peter is a Grand Champion, American and Canadian Champion, Winner of both the Canadian and US Nationals when he was just a puppy.  Winner of Best Puppy in Show as well has group wins. Peter is father, grandfather and great grandfather to many of my puppies who went on to win great things in the ring and I still keep his lines going.


Grand Champion Milad’s Ruff and Ready.  Winner of groups, specialities and No 4 Havanese in Canada.  Rufus is just a beautiful dog in both looks and temperament and gave us many show puppies.  He is now retired but his son, who is also a champion is now in our breeding program, so Refus lives on in our lines.