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INFO:  Last litter some of the harness's purchased did not work well.  Don't get an over the head harness - they are too difficult to put on and off.  I would get the strap type, not the nylon or neoprene fabric ones.  The easiest are the step in front legs.  The size you want is an adjustable 8" - 14" small.

One owner found a cat harness which will work on puppies.  They will outgrow it, but it is much easier to put on and take off

MORE INFO:  One of my wonderful owners found a website that sells pee pad holders that don't even need the pee pad.  No more pulling and playing with the pads.  I think they look great and I ordered one.  www.ugodog.com

I have two and I'm using them for training with my puppies.  They are fantastic.  I plan to do some pictures and more details on this product, but I really do recommend it.

A place where I /WE post owner information, shot reminders, latest tips and research etc.  This site will be much better with your help - I know some of you do a lot of research so please e-mail and  share. 

The Mylad Chronicles

OK it's time to follow a new litter, and share in the joy and frustration of our new parents, who again will be known by their initials so as not to embarrass them too badly.  This does not mean Gem and Carmen parents can't continue to update, please do - we all learn from each other so FAQ, and things that work are definitely worth sharing.  Send in your questions and your training tips to www.myladtrainingtips@hotmail.com and I'll publish.


Previous Tips:

  • Ear cleaning:  A reminder to do those ears every week.  Never put a dry cotton ball in the ear, moisten it with cleaner and then go as deep as your index finger will allow (you can't hurt the ear drum) clean in a circular motion.  If there is a yellow or yellow brown wax, repeat again daily until there is no colour or residue in the ear.  If the build-up is dark brown and plentiful, or looks like coffee grinds you want to check with your vet for a medicated cleaner - could be infection or with coffe grounds mites.

  • Watch the poop on the bum.  Remember you have long coated dogs and poop occasionally gets stuck to the coat.  You need to have a quick check every day and if necessary do a quick butt bath.  If the poo gets stuck, it can actually block them up and cause them pain and discomfort.

  • If you are going to brush teeth (highly recommended) you had better start now.  Use some doggie toothpaste on your finger, toothbrush or finger toothbrush and just begin by rubbing into the teeth and gums.  Don't expect to make great progress the first few times.  But if you even get 15 seconds in the mouth with some rubbing action, don't forget to treat your puppy and let them know how good they are.

  • Time to start grooming on their sides.  If you want your grooming life to be easier, and to keep that gorgeous coat better start training your puppies to lie on their sides now.  Follow the pictures and instructions under the grooming section (new owner info).  Remember to not only brush the coat but every section that you brush also get your comb through it, from skin to tip of coat.  I find a lot of owners think they are brushing every day and doing a good job but they are missing the little matts close to the skin, under the arms and on the belly - only your comb will find these.

 Tips for New Owners:

Week One and Two Tips:

Didn't eat:  Don't worry too much on Day 1 and Day 2 as long as 1/2 the food is consumed,  and don't give in and temp with other foods or treats.  The stimulation, new home, stress are all factors.  If after 2nd day evening you are still concerned about how much he is taking in then grate up some natural balance beef roll and mix in with food.  If there is still an issue CALL ME and we will discuss in more detail.

Eating sort of hit and miss - does not clear bowl in 20 minutes.  This is one of the ones where you need to relax a bit.  Don't supervise the eating - puppies get so easily distracted they will take a kibble wander around, take another see something interesting etc. etc.  Don't get into the routine of being beside them when they eat - they will learn to expect it.  Best advice put their food and water in their x-pen and leave the room.  Check the bowl in 20 minutes - if they didn't eat pick it up.  Next meal grate some Natural Balance beef roll and put at the bottom of the kibble and do the same thing.  Don't free feed - pick up the bowl after an hour - you want to train them to eat when you feed them, don't feed them by hand, and don't add tasty food if they don't eat at that meal - they will learn to wait and wait until you offer them something better.  This is a great game they can play called "what shall we eat today" and they will drive you crazy.

Didn't poo:  Real common one - they don't always poop after dinner before bed - it takes them awhile to get into a natural routine - don't wait up waiting for a before bed poop - it may never happen until the morning.  They should always pee before bed.  Stop water intake 2 hours before bed. 

Waking up to Poo at night:  Should be a rare thing - try to get a nighttime poo - feed dinner a little earlier - take for a walk before dinner.  This will happen - it just takes a little time - once they learn what they are outside for and get use to your potty commands this becomes much easier.  You have to be patient and learn to wait

Car Sick:  Not uncommon with Havanese - often goes away by 6 months, but I know that short car trips frequently also help illuminate this issue.  Generally it is not motion sickness but anxiety that causes Havanese puppies to drool and throw up in the car.

Cried at Night:  If it has been 3 to 4 hours since pee - then take him out - remember he is going out for a pee break not a play date, no eye contact, no  conversation - pee and back to bed.  If it has been under 3 hours and you know he has pottied, you will tap firmly on the crate and tell him no - generally after 3rd time he will go back to sleep.  We go over this on pick up and it really does work.  Except your Havanese Puppy to sleep through the night by 12 weeks - but many do at 9 weeks.

Week One Questions:

Note:  These are things I do and try - I'm experienced but not an expert - so please help us all out and if you have things that have worked for you, or your trainers have suggested please submit and I'll publish - we all learn from each other.  Send you questions/answers/and tips to www.myladtrainingtips@hotmail.com

Should I potty the puppy on the lead?  This depends on how you are training.  If you are outdoor training, you can either let the puppy run free in a fully fenced safe area, or you can take him out on a leash.  I prefer the leash at first for a couple of reasons.  The puppy actually has to learn that it is OK to pee while on a leash (handy for walks), you can control where you want the puppy to go and this is easier on the grass and the poop pick-up and lastly you have a better understanding of his routine, you KNOW when he pees and poos this way.

How long does the puppy sleep in the bedroom?  Some sleep there permanently, but if you plan to move your puppy to his own special place, I'd leave him in the bedroom until you know he is sleeping through the night, and he is comfortable with your house and his crate.  Once you know he will hold his bladder all night, and he never whines or fusses you can move him to his new location - sometimes this is a week, sometimes it is 3 weeks.  He will likely whine for the first night or two in his new place, don't give in, buy earplugs for those first two nights.

When can the puppy have run of the house?  Very much depends on the puppy, but the more space they have the less you will be able to watch them and spot the signs of having to go potty.  Young puppies do not train well with lots of space, it just won't work, you will lots of accidents.  Confine the puppy when you can't watch him.  When the puppy is ALWAYS going where you want him to go - either litter box, or letting you know he wants outside, then you can increase his space gradually.  I've known puppies that were total house reliable at 6 months but many are about a year.

Puppy is crying in his x-pen?  Don't pick  him up and reward behavior when whining or barking - this reinforces the behavior.  Instead use a sharp voice and your training command  i.e. STOP - NO BARK - SHHH Wait and when the puppy is quiet then take him out and reward him.  I'd practice getting him comfortable by putting him in the pen while you are in the room - let him see you, but don't focus on him.  Only when he is calm and comfortable let him out, treat him, play with him.  Once he is quiet in the x-pen with you in the room - leave the room for short periods of time.   This is very similar to how you train puppies to be comfortable in their crate, and you can read that  under the crate training section. 



Previous Chronicles:

Gem and Carmen litters are doing well.  Here are some pictures and comments on the almost 5 month old puppies.  The Chronicles will contine with the Poppy Arti litters, and I will try to post more frequent updates and FAQ.

Willie now George:
George got over his waking up at night very quickly, and he is doing extremely well in his new home.  He is a delightful little guy and very much part of the family.  George has really bonded with the kids, and is bringing lots of joy to the family. 

" Hi Lauren,

George is the best little puppy ever. Are the havanese always this good? He is becoming more consistent in ringing the bell to be let outside and he has found his little spot where he goes to the bathroom on the grass."

George has a thing for soothers


K owes me a picture, but I got to see Peaches as her owners ditched her and went to Hawaii and she got to stay with us.  She stole my heart, she is so loving and friendly.  At first she was not sure what to make of all the dogs, but by day 3 she was tackling them.  She was so cuddly - wasn't going to let her parents know but she slept in our bed :-)  She never had one accident in the house either, and loves her walks.  We loved having her here

Domino now Mojo

From D  "...So he starts this wed. We've been taking him to some nice parks and he is interacting very well on leash with other dogs. Some he is afraid of, but he generally sniffs and plays. We are still training him at home and taking him to all kinds of different environments. He is really biting on his leash on walks at times. Any suggestions on how to get him to stop?"

This is a FAQ:  Biting on the leash is not cute it is dominant behavior - your puppy is trying to be in charge.  Nip it in the bud right away.  I make a loud Ahh Ahhh sound everytime they do it, and after the 5th or 6th time they usually stop. 



OK Kensie is the obedience star her owners G&C have just done a fantastic job with her.  I have to post the e-mail, but Kensie and her family are truly amazing and are an inspiration to ME!!

Lauren, This past Saturday Kensie had her Basic Companion Final Exam.  This link outlines what was required in order to graduate: http://www.timeandpatience.com/15_graduation_standards.html
We took Kensie to the puppy playdate prior to the final exam.  She did so much better from previous weeks.  She played a little more with the smaller dogs and didn't shy away under the chairs.  After an hour and a half of play the exam was upon us.  I must admit both Caitlin and I were worried.  We had practiced and practiced but anything can happen when you're outside of the living room.  The trainer said she expects 80% reliability from the puppies.  That means that 4 out of 5 times Kensie had to sit, and go down by either voice command or hand signal.  She also had to "stand" from a sit position...not really part of the exam but the trainer wanted to see if we were 'working' on it.  Kensie also had to do a sit-stay and hold it for 60 seconds while we were 6 feet away.  She got a little restless with the stays but held on long enough.  We also had to call our puppies...one at a time...from 20 feet away while everyone else in the class clapped and walked around the room.  This distraction did little to prevent Kensie from coming right away.  The hardest part of the test...I felt so bad for Caitlin...was the loose leash walking.  Caitlin had to walk Kensie along Eglington Avenue and have Kensie sit at various locations while the trainer watched.  The hard part about this...and it was totally unplanned on the trainers part...was that during this particular Saturday a HUGE sidewalk sale was happening with street performers, clowns, kids, animals(petting zoo), live music, etc...The dogs had to walk "nicely" beside you and sit and stay with all of the sounds and sights of the sidewalk sale going on.  Kensie was Amazing!!!  Caitlin has trained Kensie to speed up using the word "Hurry".  This helps us get her past something quickly and then resume a nice walking pace.  The trainer was very impressed with her loose leash walking which was nice to hear because Caitlin walked her literally hundreds of times practicing her loose leash walking.  I think the trainer threatened everyone with the prospect of failure to make sure people practiced.  Nobody wanted their dogs to perform poorly and Kensie was one of the better puppies-she was also the youngest in the class.  The training has improved our relationship with her, we feel more confident and comfortable in our own abilities to train her, and it has also helped her develop both socially with other dogs and her own skills.  She is just a little young for the next class which deals with off leash reliability...but come the springtime we are going to take the next class.  It really was fun and the playdates were great too.
Sorry for the long winded email...we were both pretty proud of kensie and wanted to share.


Just got an e-mail from Mia's family.  She was a model puppy in bed at a reasonable hour and slept until 6:00 without a peep.  C&D congratulations - well done - and Mia too


Bo went home last week and the report was great.  Another sleep through the night - he did great with the family and the other havanese.  Everyone was having fun and getting along just fine  Bo is featured in a 2009 Havanese Calendar


No new pics of Daphne but then again her parents have been far to busy, boating, vacationing, motorhoming, and taking her everyone, even fishing I think.  They are having a blast with her


Links and Stuff

One of my owners has some allergy problems with her havanese and after trying these products has had great results.  What's worked? ... better breath - no more smelly or sort of loose stools - way less tear stain - and no more scratching.  She had me convinced so I'm going to try the digestive enzymes on one of my Havanese that tears and see if I notice a difference too.  Remember if you suspect allergies go Corn Free food - number 1 food allergy in dogs

Canned pumpkin - pure no additives is a great addition to the diet.  I use it whenever I change food, or have a stomach upset.  It adds fibre.  It's been great for new moms who have to be encouraged and enticed to eat.

Petzlife Oral Care spray - breath only relief


Also comes in a gel


 As for digestive enzymes, Iíve been using prozyme, but got a bottle of this in the US Ė supposed to be MUCH better, but apparently we canít get it in Canada anymore 








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