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Junior Handling

Mykensie's page

Mykensie got interested in Jr. Handling after  we finished our first Havanese Cheena. 

The first time was a disaster, I literally sent her into the ring without any training at all.  She was pretty mad at me.  After that first set-back and a few great lessons later she was ready to try again.  Her second Havanese was Carmen and she took first place.

Mykensie did her first US handling show last month and placed second with Gem.  We were so proud.

Junior handling is great for kids.  If you  have any questions about Junior handling please feel free to e-mail me at lgoebel@hotmail.com   please put  junior handling in the subject line.

She took first in her seconds show, and then continued to take first place in 5 shows.  In Dec. her age places her in a new category and she is ready to tackle Intermediate novice now.

Some Pictures from the Ring.






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