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Chapter One The Love Affair Begins: 

My husband, Doug and I have owned dogs forever.  We have had Bichon's and Lhasha Apso's for over 20 years.  When our last Lhasha died at 15 we took a break, but soon we missed having a dog around.  We got a Bichon again, a lovely puppy we called Max. 

My parents lost their Bichon and my mom had mentioned that she really liked this dog she saw called a Havanese.  I looked around for a breeder in BC and bought her Coco a lovely apricot Havanese.  My parents needed some help in training a puppy so Coco lived with us for 3 months until she was properly trained.  When they took Coco home it broke our hearts, and even my rough and tough hubby decided we had to have a Havanese of our own.  If you have never met a Havanese be prepared to fall head over heels.  They are the most affectionate, self confident, loving dogs I have every come across.  The breed is extremely well socialized, adaptable, and friendly to all.  They are great with children and honestly I can't think of a thing I could criticize about the breed.


.........  Chapter Two "The Cheena Story




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