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Grooming Your Havanese

Whether you show or not your Havanese will need to be Groomed Bathed and Nails, Ears and Foot Pads maintained.

I've put this into several sections - Click on the link to go to each section.  Not all sections completed yet.

Grooming time and coat loss:

It will depend on how rough your dog plays and whether they are in bushes, mud, twigs etc, but for the show dog this has been my experience with a full coated dog going through coat changes

  • Brush your dog every day it takes you 10 minutes. 

  • Brush every two days about 20 minutes, you will do some de-matting and lose a little coat, primarily undercoat

  • Three days can take 45 minutes more mats and coat loss - undercoat but also expect to lose ear coat due to mats and some top coat

  • Once a week can take an hour to 1 1/2 hour, you will lose undercoat and have some very large mats to deal with and start to get breakage on top coat

Clipping and Haircuts - instructions to take to your groomer
Wet Grooming - Washing and Drying Your Havanese
Dry Grooming - Maintenance on a clean Havanese - brushing out and keeping free of mats
Foot Pads and Nail Care - Keeping nails the correct length and foot pads clear of access hair and mats
Ears and Eyes - Keeping Ears and Eye clear of infection
Trims for keeping your Havanese in Short Coat







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